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Time-Honored Experts in the Liquid Level Measurement and Fluid Monitoring Industry

Located in Farmingdale, New Jersey, Ernst Flow Industries serves clients globally offering high quality liquid level gauges, flow indicator valves, sight windows, sight glass and gauge glass, pressure gauges, boiler gaskets and other industrial plant equipment.

We offer you a broader range of products. With over 140 years of combined history and experience, Ernst Flow Industries is committed to continuing the long-standing Ernst® tradition of fulfilling each customer’s requirements. Our web site allows purchasing agents, maintenance engineers and project managers to quickly and effectively purchase quality products at competitive prices.

 From pressure gauges and water flow meters to boiler gaskets and sight gauge glass, we have everything you need to maintain or upgrade equipment at your facility. And you can shop online any time of day for the liquid level indicators and other liquid level measurement products you need. Just complete our contact form or give us a call at 1(800) 992-2843 to get more information.

Ernst Flow Industries is dedicated to delivering the highest quality liquid level indicator and flow gauge products available on the market, backed by the level of service that is synonymous with the Ernst® name. And our product and industry knowledge provides all customers with the answers they need to purchase the best liquid level measurement and flow gauge instruments.

On November 19, 2013, Clark-Reliance Corp announced the acquisition of Ernst Flow Industries (EFI).  Based in Farmingdale, New Jersey, Ernst Flow Industries specializes in processing and industrial plant equipment and has built its reputation on product quality and customer service.

Call us today at 1(800) 992-2843 or browse our online catalog to get the best liquid level indicators and flow gauges on the market!

Clark-Reliance, the world leader in liquid level gauges and sight flow indicators for over 120 years, saw the opportunity to bring EFI into the Clark-Reliance offerings to complement and strengthen product offerings, and bring a higher service level to our customers.