EFI 816BC 3/4" Threaded Dial Type with Microswitch

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Product Overview

EFI 816BC 3/4" Sight Flow Monitor with Microswitch Threaded Dial Type Bronze Sight Flow Indicators Threaded Connection/Window Type: Teleflo/Dial Type Construction: Bronze Pressure Rating: 125 PSI at 200_F For many liquids, particularly dark or opaque, the Teleflo_indicator with its easy to read, vane-actuated dial,_indicates the relative amount of liquid flowing through a_pipeline. It can be installed in vertical or horizontal pipe_lines, with flow in any one direction. Requires at least 1/2 GPM minimum flow to ensure correct_dial reading. When the Teleflo is equipped with a microswitch and_conduit connection, it can operate a bell, whistle or similar_alarm. When used in relay, it can be used to shut off a_pump motor should the liquid flow stop.