EFI RA-404 1/2" SS SFM Threaded Flow Rate 1-4 GPM

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Product Overview

EFI RA-404 1/2" Stainless Steel SFM Threaded Flow Rate 1 - 4 GPM Sight Flow Indicators Threaded Connection/Window Type: Flow Rate Cylinder Type Pressure Rating: 125 PSI Temperature Rating: 125_ (Brass or PVC), 200_ (Stainless Steel) In handling liquids where a continuous rate of flow is an operating aid and necessity, it is desirable to know at a glance the rate of flow in GALLONS PER MINUTE. With the Flow Rate indicator which has a clear Pyrex_ tube entirely around the body and an indicator just inside the tube for easy reading, the rate of flow in GALLONS PER MINUTE is observable at all times. The flange of the float deflects the liquid against the wall of the tube and helps kEFI it clean and the indicator remains visible even in liquids of high sediment content. The small size of the flow rater permits minimum line spacing. Notes: For all Sight Flow Indicators and Sight Windows
  • Materials of construction indicated describe wetted surfaces only. Bolting, tie rods, glass_retaining rings and covers may be of materials other than those indicated for the wetted_surfaces. Optional materials for these parts are available. Consult EFI relative to standard_and optional gasket materials.
  • Optional materials of construction are available...consult EFI.
  • Consult EFI regarding operating temperatures for specific sight flow indicator and sight_window models.