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Product Overview

The Model EFI ANR Aim-N-Read thermometer is a non-contact infrared thermometer, with real real-time maximum data. Applicable for almost any temperature measurement, including hot/chilled water pipe lines, HVAC balancing, motor temperatures and air conditioning. Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Pistol Grip Design
  • Laser Pointer
  • Measures both degrees Fahrenheit or Centigrade (-58ø/752øF or -50ø/400øC)
  • Back Light LCD Display
  • 9:1 Ratio
  • 1% Accuracy
  • Auto Off

Temperature Range: -58ø to 752øF (-50ø to 400øC) Operating Range: 32ø to 122øF (0ø to 50øC) Dimensions: 6-29/32" x 1-17/32" x 2-27/32" Weight: 6.3 oz. (including batteries) Response Time: 1 second (auto shut-off if left idle more than 15 seconds) Class II Laser Warning: Use extreme caution when operating a laser device.


  • Aim-N-Read Infrared
  • Thermometer